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Tarts 08-14-2003 04:47 AM

Right ALT key, 'agetty' on unused virtual terminal.
I can't seem to find this info in the man page's nor anywhere else.
What file do i need to edit to get my right ALT key to switch between virtual terminal's aswell as the left. {edit}this would belong in the slack forum
Also i was browsing the web and i ran a 'top' for the heck of it, there where 'agetty' being run on virtual terminal's that i did not switch to, i know this because three or four is the most i've ever used, i killed the one, and then another would pop up, then another, does this mean that someone was trying to login remotely, and , if someone tryed that, when i log in as root would it show me there was a failure just like if i misstyped my password?
One more question, is a strong password defence enough?
Thank's for any reply's!

Google Linux style...
I got this there.
My system isn't configured for remote login, and the rest i don't know, hope this help's someone.

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