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vinaytp 12-28-2009 01:02 AM

RHEL Advanced platform vs base Version
Hi all...

According to redhat documentation a total of four guest operating systems are supported by base version of RHEL 5.x

What does this mean ? Does it mean that subscription for base version is only valid for 4 guest Operating systems ? As we can very well run more than 4 guest operating systems on base version of RHEL 5.4

According to the documentation it states unlimited guest os for Advanced paltform..Does it mean if we get subscription for Advanced platform of RHEL 5.4 we can run as many guest OSes on RHEL 5.4 ?

Is it similar case with Clustering support ? According to documentation no clustering for Base version and clustering support for Advanced platform ?

Any reply will be greatly appreciated....

Thanks in advance.....

zQUEz 12-28-2009 05:52 AM

it would be best to talk to your Red Hat license vendor to ensure you are getting accurate information. In short, I read it as you have mentioned. That under a base license, you are allowed to have up to 4 guests licensed with rhn and thus getting updates.

Don't be confused with what is supported vs. what is possible. It is "possible" to do a lot of things. For example I could run 10000 client machines (physical/virtual) and only have 1 license and use that license to create my own repository and have everyone else update from there. Trouble is it is not supported, I won't get Red Hat support for each machine if/when needed, not to mention the legalities or doing that. Companies generally want to be under support. If you are looking for ways around buying support licenses, use Centos.

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