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Sircave 03-22-2005 12:49 AM

RH9 upgrade to Fedora Core III?
From what I have read I can use the older version of Red Hat, 9.0, and use RPM to update that version and software to Fedora Core III. Is this true? Can I compile the kernel at the RH9 level, changing that version to FC1, II or III? I ask because I keep installing and un-installing Fedora Core III because of different issues. This time when I configure KPPP I dial out and connect but the pre-installed Firefox browser will not do anything. Nor will Konquer. (Spelling?) When I say anything, I mean that the KPPP docks to the panel and there are no lights to display activity of any kind. I don't even get timed out messages. It is as if the modem is not even on. I am using an external Zoom, Model 3049 which connects to a serial port. And it does work because I have used it with my Mandrake distro. So really, what is the problem here and is it even worth it to use a most recent version or should I go back to something older and upgrade from there, if that is even possible?

Donboy 03-22-2005 10:17 AM

I've used this before when upgrading from RH9 to FC1.

If you use it, post back here and tell us how it went. I've got some FC1 machines that I'd like to upgrade to FC3 someday.

Sircave 03-22-2005 11:16 AM

You know, I appreciate the link to the site and the information covered. I really do. I don't plan on using the data you showed me because of using dial up and I am so, so very tired of my Fedora problems that I am just going to dump it and use Mandrake Exclusively. Thank you for you effort in your reply. It did not go wasted. I still may keep the info for the future. I have bookmarked the page.

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