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Robin01 08-25-2003 08:17 AM

rh9 installation problem
Hello everybody..

i'm new and just getting into learning linux..
issue is with red hat9
i downloaded the 3 iso images and followed the inst. to use md5 and to burn the images to the cd..

used the media tester that comes up before installing rd9 and it all tested fine. didn't have time to install rd9 at after the midia scan so i left it for the next day...

problem, now i cann't even get the pc to detect the operating system from CD1.. keeps displaying the msg. boot failed. insert a boot disk...
so i burned another cd1 and problem still remians..
to test the pc and the cd rom i used win98 to do the test. the test was successfull. i was able to successfully install win98 and remove using fdisk.
so now i have 2 rd9 CD1 and neither one is bootable...
not sure why it was able to boot from it once and not now..

any ideas?

arunshivanandan 08-25-2003 08:26 AM

First, look at the end section about hard drive numbering. This enables you to figure out the name that Linux would call your CD-ROM if Linux knew about it. If you have an IDE ATAPI CD-ROM, type the following line whenever you see the boot prompt (LILO or GRUB prompt) while booting or installing your system:
linux hdx=cdrom
where X is the number your CD-ROM would have if it could be detected.
a - first IDE controller, master

b - first IDE controller, slave

c - second IDE controller, master

d - second IDE controller, slave

If you have a third and/or fourth controller, continue assigning
letters in alphabetical order, going from controller to controller, and
master to slave

arunshivanandan 08-25-2003 08:27 AM

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