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Sir Wallace 10-15-2002 10:42 AM

RH8: AWE32, HPT370 and modem
Hi at all! :)

RH8 1 - Wallace 0

I've installed RH8 on my comp... for the first time and, of course, I've *some* probs...
1. AWE32: ISA sound card. 'sometime' sound the system sound but volume control take no effect; play audio cd; no music in other apps (like Tux Race ;) )
2. HPT370: no detected (HPT366) and all drive are 'ide' hd*
(i've already downloaded the kernel mod from hpt web site and tonight I try to compile.... :rolleyes: )
3. the modem.... :confused:
No way to make it work... i've an US Robotics Sportster ISDN external but with all grafical tools of GNOME (tonight I try KDE) don't work... wvdial appear to detect something, but I got some error like CARRIER or other things... (wrong initialization string?)

Any tips?

Bah... tonight I do the second round.... ;)

10x at all, guys! ;)


Soyo 10-15-2002 12:28 PM

hi !

aboult the AWE32 ther is somethings that you can do !!! open a shell a type :

sndconfig ( this is the conf prog for the sound ! )

Auto detect the card and if you dont get the test sound go to the manual config ( ist the next window )

In there it will apear a conf for the DMA etc, conf likeyou do for a windows or MSDos an try it !

About the 2 question i dont know what you mean by HPT370

3 question : he whave some prob with the same ADLS from the dame modems ! and the modems had linux drives !!!! but he always had to reconpile the kerner to make it work !!!!

Hope to be of help

Best regards

Sir Wallace 10-17-2002 03:44 AM

Hi, 10x for the response... ;)

My AWE32 situation is a strange thing... sndconfig work... kudzu (i write correctly?) have recognized correctly at the first boot... in hwbrauser i read AWE32 (not for joy port: it's under 'unrecognized device', but this is secondary...), the kde mixer work (volume, bass, balance, gain...), audio cd play, mp3 play, ENCODIN work! bah... it appear to work, right? but if I use the 'Sound Card Detection' (sorry, i don't remind now the right name) on X menu (KDE or GNOME, it's the same) it tell me 'No sound card detected'... :confused:
I've tryed to run 'Tuxracer' (u know?) and the audio is missing...
when i can, i try other application 'out the X' like Quake3.

The modem news: using wvdial and wvdial.conf file, the modem is correctly recognized (WHY KDE OR GNOME NOT?!?!?!)... initialising string... modem initialized... dial... 64000 connection... carrier detected... waiting for carrier... NO CARRIER... retry... retry... etc
What is CARRIER?

10x at all! ;)

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