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samtcool 10-27-2002 12:40 PM

RH 7.3 Installation partition problem
Ok..... Here is the deal. Hope you can help.

I am trying to creat a dual boot system and I'm fairly new to Linux. I've already got a system with XP on it. I am wanting to dual boot to RH 7.3. My system is on a 100 Gig hd and XP is set up on a 20 gig primary partiton. I also have several other extended partitions on this disk for storage.

This is how my drive is allocated.
|Win XP 20gb|Unallocated 20gb| various partitions 60 gb|

I have tired several ways to set up various partitions for my RH 7.3 but for some reason It won't let me do it. I am also concered about the 1024 mark. Is there anyway that I can place my partitions past this point and still be able to boot up into RH. I would appreciate as much as you can help me. As you can tell I'm not getting very far on my own. Thanks guys.....

DavidPhillips 10-27-2002 04:24 PM

it will work fine like you have it, if the second partition is free then I would go into the manual partition and create a boot partition first, around 25 MB should be okay, if you update the kernels you can always go in and remove the old ones.

it will say that it may not boot, it will still boot however using LBA, the install will likely take care of it so just install and see. then make any other partitions you want, the order does not really matter.

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