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linuxchick 02-06-2002 04:50 AM

RH 7.2 and Integrated Audio
Can someone tell me how to get the audio to run? I get the following message:

Error while initilizing sound driver.
Device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Device or resource busy)

I have had this problem with past versions on Linux and alsa drivers have worked, but not this time. :cry: Any other suggestions?


Mik 02-06-2002 07:18 AM

Mentioning which sound card you have and which driver you are trying to use might be helpful.

linuxchick 02-06-2002 11:05 AM

True :rolleyes: As I mentioned it is integrated/onboard audio and the brand is SoundMAX. Linux is using the defult i810 driver.

Thanks :D

exigent 09-18-2002 06:48 PM

so?? what's the solution?!

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