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MODYSAMA 02-02-2011 07:11 AM

Restore user in Ununtu 10.10 --Help
I read no system restore in Linux, but I need help, please.
I miss-delete my main user. I couldn't login.

So.. I prompt to root-shell, and created a new user using:
useradd -m <username>
now I logged in to Ubunutu but every operation need admistration passward I don't now it.


Q: Is there a spare method to recover the deleted user?
Q: How can login as root by default?

lugoteehalt 02-02-2011 07:34 AM

I'm probably missing the point but just looked at the manual for useradd and it said no password by default. So the new user account you set up presumably has no password.

In Ubuntu you don't need a root, administrator, password do you? You simply put sudo in front of a command and then supply the user's password. In this case the user does not have a password so just hit <enter>????

LoDam 02-02-2011 07:50 AM


As lugoteehalt said, Ubuntu has no root user (unless you added one), so I don't really understand your "root-shell" thing,
and I'm not sure ubuntu can have a user without password (i never really used ubuntu myself). Safe thing would be to add a password to this new user ( passwd UserName) and see if it works.

phil.d.g 02-02-2011 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by LoDam (Post 4245783)
As lugoteehalt said, Ubuntu has no root user (unless you added one)

That's incorrect, and not what lugoteehalt said. Ubuntu does have a root user. By default the root account is locked.

Assuming the OP has deleted his main account and logged off/rebooted then he can't put sudo in front of anything because he can't login.

You need to boot into recovery mode. Hold shift during boot if you're not presented with a list of OSs to choose from normally. Once you have a root shell you can add your user account again. Reboot once you've finished.

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