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wiggers 11-24-2005 05:54 PM

restore from dump killed
I have two identical computes (Ipaq desktop). One of which I want to use as a backup. The main computer runs Fedora FC4. I created a backup of this machine using dump -0 -f /dev/sda3 on a disk partition on a USB disk. The dump completes correctly. When I go to the backup machine to make a copy of this dump. I create a clean partition, mount it as /mnt/hda2, cd /mnt/hda2 and run restore -rf /dev/sda3 form the same USB disk. The restore goes for a while and then I get a message "killed" and restore stops. When I check /mnt/hda2 I find that some directories have been (partially) restored. I am really stuck at this point and would appreciate some help.

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