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stanleytiew 05-13-2005 12:50 PM

I'm new in Linux and need some help. My server is install with Linux Redhat Enterpise 3.0 AS, Linux software is running well and had been connected to fixed IP address. I can ping my server using IP address. I'm now ordering cpanel software from cpanel inc and requesting cpanel inc to do installation of software for me. However cpanel support team told me my server having problem because it is unable to ping my domain name, they ask me to add valid DNS server IPs to /etc/resolv.conf

I do not know how to do it since I not familiar with Linux, normally in Windows we have c:\ and we can move from one folder to another, but in Linux there is no folder so how do I entering /etc/resolv.conf folder

Please help.

rpb 05-13-2005 02:08 PM


hope you are familiar with DNS etc, though u're not familiar with linux..

/etc/resolv.conf is not a directory, resolv.conf is a file in /etc just have to add the your name servers onto this file. you can do it by using any text editor in can try gedit, or any other GUI based text tool...add the following lines and hopefully it should work..

nameserver <ip address>
nameserver <ip address>

in that order of primary, secondary DNS etc...thats all.

oh well, before editing the file, do the following as root:

/etc/init.d/network stop

after editing the file,

/etc/init.d/network start

hope this helps...


depdiver 05-13-2005 05:25 PM

adding search <your domain name> to that /etc/resolv.conf makes life much easier by allowing you to ping a host name without adding the domain.

mine looks similar to this




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