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learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 04:45 PM

Replacing windows with Ubuntu HELP!
Hey so i want to wipe my hardrive and use only linux but this is my first time so i have a question. I wanted to use linux with uefi cause its more secure.. My question is if i wipe my hard drive does it wipe out the uefi option? I read unlike bios, uefi is a software and is sits on top of the bios, and its boot data is stored on the hard drive or NAND ... So im confused and worried i might break my system somehow

273 12-18-2015 05:01 PM

You should spend a little more time researching terms, I think. UEFI is a replacement for BIOS and is stored in EPROM (Erasable, Programable, Read Only Memory) on your motherboard and not the hard disk drive or SSD your operating system is stored on.

yancek 12-18-2015 05:59 PM

If you use UEFI, there will be a FAT32 partition created on the hard drive in which the EFI files necessary to boot will be stored. Same partition is used for different Linux and/or windows systems. Wiping the hard drive will not eliminate the UEFI option but will overwrite the current EFI partition if there is one. It would be created again when you install in UEFI.

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 06:28 PM

Yeah in particular i meant secure boot and for some reason the article about uefi said it could be on nand or hardrive. But it did however mention it uses non-volotile memory so the eprom does make sense, although idk why the article didnt mention that... So after i wipe the hardrive how do i redownload the uefi? I read somewhere its in grub.. But again refering to the article it said it was in /efi

273 12-18-2015 06:37 PM

No, you do not need to download anything!
UEFI is stored within chips on your motherboard and is not in any way affected (complex situations aside) by the hard disk drive or any operating system you install upon it.
You can switch off "Secure Boot" on most systems and still boot Windows, in my experience at least, and if you switch it off you can switch it back on again any time you see fit.
I thought the content upon the pages I linked to made it clear that the operating system and the BIOS or UEFI were separate things?

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 06:45 PM

Sounds good ok, its a relief that uefi shouldnt be afftected then. And ill check that out the links too thanks broskie. But im think im good to go then! Thanks again

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 07:13 PM

Ok so i chose the erase disk and install unbuntu and when it finished it said to restart. Now i just see a black screen with a underscore lol.. I cant even turn off my pc... Does it make any difference that i was using a dvd-r to do this?? i hope not :(

273 12-18-2015 07:21 PM

Just power it off with the power button and see what happens.
It may start Ubuntu or you may need to revisit the installer to make it work with UEFI.

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 07:25 PM

It wont let me its just frozen... i cant type anything either its just a black screen with a underscore? noooo i hope its not broken

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 07:47 PM

yesss i did it lol im an idiot i just needed to hold down the power button... Im offical linux user now yeaaah! Thanks again all

learnin2cocatinate 12-18-2015 07:52 PM

since i didnt use a internet connection through the installation and i chose another city thats not mine. Will there be any complications that i cant fix? im sure i can get all the updates that i was going to get with a connection anytime right?

polpak 12-19-2015 04:40 AM

Welcome aboard learnin2cocatinate :-)

Learning was something I did a lot of when I made the switch form MS-W to linux.

Linux problems IMHO usually resolve much easier than MS-W problems, though it can take a while to understand how linux works. My first few months knew little, concentrated on watching what it does, looking for Warning's in the log files then trying to learn what they meant.

Usually needed do nothing as despite the Warnings, they did not interfere with my day to day activities.

IMHO terminals best for updates and removals, as they educate easier what we are doing, how computers react, and how we can occasionally undo things we occasionally make mistakes with {:- O

You new to linux with Ubuntu become comfortable reading forums - here and those of Ubuntu, IMHO these forums our best teacher !

Problems of other Ubuntu versions or other Linux packages often resolved in similar manners, even solutions not exact for you, each provides a path to my/your solutions.

When puzzled about something, post here, we are ALL constantly learning {; - )

BTW, I settled on SUSE and openSUSE but apart from which system we like, we are one big happy family here ;-)

I remember well the terror of the unknown when I changed over ;-)


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