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nyroc 01-09-2003 06:59 PM

Repair grub?
I installed XP, then RH8 on a 10gb hard drive months ago.

I upgraded XP to .Net Server, which overwrote the MBR.

I used fdisk to set the first linux partition as active, but when I boot I get the message:


and nothing happens.

Is there any way to fix this? I am not afraid of a little work. I want to know how to do this the good way rather than reinstall RH8.

Also, should I have installed linux differently the first time around, with the boot loader in hda2? Is that what I did wrong? I think I am using hda3 as ext3, hda4 as swap, hda2 as boot loader and Winblows is on hda1.

nyroc 01-09-2003 07:50 PM

I fixed it. sorry for making people look.

1. I booted from a linux install disk but typed linux rescue
2. I wound up in a temp shell
3. I typed chroot /mnt/syslinux (my real hard drive was mounted there, this allowed the use of grub commands)
4. /sbin/grub
5. root (hd0,1) this means first drive, second partition, the partition I want the bootloader in
6. setup (hd0,1) after I type this and got a successful message, I rebooted and saw my dual booting configuration back exactly as is was before I installed microoverpricedforabuggyoperatingsystem.

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