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epona 01-23-2005 03:31 PM

removing unwanted apps
I've just installed Fedora Core 3. This is my first time using linux, so I chose a lot of packages in my installation, just to be safe :)
Now I'd like to clean up my system a bit, and remove the apps I didn't like. I have a fair idea as to how to uninstall them, but I'm not sure if I dare. As I understand there are a lot of dependencies from program to program, so how can I be sure I won't wreck the whole thing?

Any hints on this is greatly appreciated, as well as pointer to good pages on this.

Samsara 01-23-2005 04:08 PM

Dependencies are automatically dealt with by RPM or any graphical front-end you might use.

They will also be spotted by yum if you do mess something up, so you can fix things later if something happens.



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