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jcue 08-13-2003 10:32 AM

Swaping from floppy to cd/rw
I have an inspirion 8100 and it has a fixed cd/dvd drive on the side but on the from it has a removable drive. My question is how can i get Rh9 to recognize when i change from a floppy drive to my cd/rw?

MasterC 08-14-2003 12:33 AM

Moving to the Laptops forum

When you say 'recognized' do you mean to do a certain task? Because if you check dmesg the drive should be properly recognized during startup, however for the dynamic changing of the drives you'll probably need to make an itricate system of /etc/fstab entries to correspond, none of which should be using the option 'auto'.

Just a guess though, figure I'd contribute since I had already responded to let you know I was moving your thread ;)


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