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alexbreugelmans 06-30-2005 05:03 AM

reformat external harddisk
Hi, I have a Linux HTPC, and for backup-reasons during a technical defect the supplier asked me to put on an external HD. The problem is solved, but now I want my HD back ... under its normal WindowsXP conditions. Plugging the HD in the USB-port does not recgnize it. Does anybody knows how I can use this external HD back as a windows-one instead of a linux?
Sincere greetings,

camorri 06-30-2005 08:11 AM

From what you have posted, do you know if any BIOS settings were altered during the problem determination process? It sounds like the USB port isn't working.

I think XP sould at least see the drive, even if the formatting is wrong. Do you know what file system was put on the drive while linux was using it? Linux will work nicley with fat32 file system. If it was fat32, you have some kind of a hardware detection problem. Linux supports many other file systems also.

Find out what you can and post back.

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