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cybergir 02-04-2003 01:38 PM

reducing the size of linux partitions
I am a newbie to linux and have recently installed Linux RedHat 7.3 successfully. The problem is I have somehow allowed it to take 38 GB of the 40 GB harddive and would like to reduce that so that I can also install Windows XP on this machine. I have been able to remove the partitions completely with fdisk but it leaves it as a 38GB empty partition. I would like to start all over and remove Linux and reinstall or at lease reduce the amount of space it is taking up.

Any suggestions from you Linux experts?

If you have a suggested solution, please email me at:

THANKS!:newbie: :Pengy:

Mara 02-04-2003 03:58 PM

I guess RH is taking all the free space it can get (in "expert" mode it may ask). You have the system installed, so it's easier just to resize the Linux partitions. You can do this using 'parted' program. It doesn't have GUI, but if you know how to work with fdisk, it won't be hard with parted. Just be careful, it may be dangerous...

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