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barani_pd 07-25-2011 09:51 PM

Redirection of Private Network packets in the Gateway
Hi All,

This is my setup:

I have users using Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux (Fedora) and Mac. They all are in a single private network and all access internet through a Linux (RHEL5) system in which Squid acts as gateway. The same is true with my branch offices too except that private network is different and gateway system uses Fedora 9 instead of RHEL5. All the branch offices are connected through point to point leased lines with the head office for file transfer.

My requirement is this:

I have a web server located at head office. Presently I am able to access this server from my branch offices through internet. I would like to access this server from branch offices through leased lines. This too I am able to access if I do routing in users system. The file transfer is taking place through one to one system at two ends by creating static routing in those systems.

Is there any way I could redirect the requestes to the specific web server through leased circuit from the gateway system running squid.

You help would be highly appreciable. Thanking all those who enlighten me in Linux. Regards.

kasl33 07-26-2011 02:16 AM

I'm not sure that I'm understanding the question, but if I am, then on the servers gateway router, you can use port forwarding; forward port 80 to the web server's ip address.

let me know if this helps, or please give us more details. this seems like a simple issue...

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