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JM_Fraser 11-26-2003 05:57 PM

Redhat IMAP configuration
I have managed to up2date the latest version of the bundled RH IMAP software. I've enabled this within Xinetd and started the services. Is there anywhere else that I ought to be looking in order to have this daemon configured? Or is it a case of now leaving this daemon alone to integrate fully with Postfix with no intervention from me?

Pls let me know if I have missed something out here. thx. JM :study:

zapperabhi 03-18-2004 09:36 PM

Well, as far as I know, the imap server bundled with RH packages since RH6 is WU-IMAP server, and if you read the docs it says .. there's no configuration file for it (believe it or not).
So I guess there's nothing more to do than start the daemon. Do a "netstat -pant" to check if xinetd is listening on
However, if you want to tweak around the "configuration" you have to BUILD it for the type of configuration you want. See the BUILD notes after you untar the source.

As far as Postfix is concerned, it is a mail transport agent (MTA), like sendmail, reponsible for transporting mail from one server to another. IMAP only allows you to access them from a suitable client (Ms Outlook express, Pine or any webmail interface for that matter) and organize them by creating folders (inbox,trash...etc). They have no "connection" , only that IMAP lets you read the mails on your server delivered by Postfix, Sendmail etc.

Generally, mail servers like sendmail (i dont know about Postfix) , store the mails they recieve on a spool area (/var/spool/mail) under the filename of the user who gets the mail using a delivery agent procmail. Sendmail just accepts or rejects mail from another MTA based on certain rules or its configuration, procmail delivers to a spool area, IMAP allows access to it.

This should answer your query !

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