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GSuRfer1963 05-05-2003 09:44 AM

Themes wont install on my redhat 9. I know that this has been discussed for the earlier versions. I am not however familiar with the procedure for installing a patch. SO, if someone has a patch and would walk me through the process of installing it, I would greatly appreciate it.

JustinHoMi 08-19-2003 06:44 PM

I'm having the same problem.

Using theme preferences I click on "Install theme...".
Then I choose the theme and click "Install".

Nothing happens.

synecdoche 08-19-2003 07:14 PM

Are you using gnome or kde?

In gnome, I've found that the theme may not appear on the main theme list but if you go into the "details" you can still find the different parts of the theme.

For KDE, I've never had much luck. Red Hat, I've heard, altered it drastically from the original. I'm actually installing KDE using all the tar.bz2s from KDE's website right now to see if it helps. :)

I get exactly the results you do, though-- I follow the directions to the letter and they just don't work.


DrOzz 08-19-2003 07:35 PM

i can probably tell you that your using the wrong gtk version of the theme....there is 100 times the amount of gtk1.2 themes as compared to gtk2 themes and the gtk1.2 themes are more so the ones you'll find that you'll like cause there is more of a try installing a gtk2 theme and see if that helps...
pick one from here
instructions here

synecdoche 08-19-2003 07:43 PM

I thought you could use gtk1 themes even if you're using gtk2. I am sure I have done this.

I might be wrong, but I think I have.

But in any case, I find that the gtk2 themes usually look a lot nicer. That is what I always go for.


DrOzz 08-19-2003 10:59 PM

well if you did get them to work, i would like you to fill me in on your secret :D

ephem 08-20-2003 01:47 AM

n3g, i AM trying to install GTK2.0 theme ( specifically, ) .. and i am having the same dealio, absolutely nothin happens. wut a bummer..

GNU 09-17-2003 02:06 PM

hey i read your posts and trry it out works but check this out !
it wont show under Theme Preferences .....go click Details install the theme and u will see it will apair under the name "which u download it" click on it and it will change the settiings after that kick save theme ......

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