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mlhammer 11-10-2003 08:47 PM

Redhat 9 Partitioning and Backup?
I am attempting to setup a web/mail server and my machine is running RedHat 9 with 2-80 Gb hard drives. I also want to setup a backup system, considering I have so much drive space.

Considering those specs what would be a good partitioning strategy, and what would be the reasoning behind it? What types of backups are the most effective and how would the backup strategy affect the partitioning?

Bluesuperman 11-11-2003 12:41 AM

Well you have two options here:

Software raid -- I have been setting up a lot of software raid boxes lately because people want mirror drives but do not want to pay for scsi. The drive access -- read / write times do not seem to be affected and it will offer you mirrored data.

You could also setup the system on the first drive, then do a sfdisk -d /dev/maindrive > binfile ; sfdisk /dev/backup < binfile -- this will make the second drive have the same partition scheme exactly -- then nightly you could do a cp -Rdp from partition to partition keep a exact backup, or use cpio to make backup images nightly and savethem on the second drive, mount, create backup on second drive andthen umount.

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