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Thomas_SA 08-17-2003 09:27 AM

RH 9 hangs on hardware detection
:newbie: Hi, I hope someone can help me here. I am completely new to Linux and just tried installing RH 9 om my new laptop. I use GRUB to dual boot RH 9 and XP. The XP portion is 100%, problem is that RH 9 hangs when detecting hardware. I fixed the firewire hang issue by booting with NOFIREWIRE in the boot option line. Also, how do I get into Interactive startup? I press, i, I anything like mad, but no joy.

*nix 08-20-2003 02:52 PM

Have the same problems with linux and fireware on this laptop.
I tried FreeBSD 5.0 and ACPI caused a Kernel Panic.
So maybe that's the next thing causeing your crash.

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