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rvijay 08-24-2003 04:18 PM

Red Hat Linux: Manual Vs. Book Question.
Hi everyone:

I found the following quick help books on Red Hat at a local store listed at the end of this message. How do these compare to the Boxed Red Hat Manuals ?

(a) The books are condensed quick start and basic guides. The manuals are needed in the longer run for more detailed work/maintenace.


(b) These quick start books are sufficient.

Which is true (a) or (b) ? Please share any other related info. Thanks.


5. Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux 9 in 24 Hours
Author: Aron Hsiao
Published By: Sams
Book & CD-Rom
Published: May 2003
Usually ships in 24 hours
List Price:$46.99
Our Price: $32.89

6. Red Hat Linux 9 For Dummies
Author: Jon 'maddog' Hall, Paul G. Sery
Published By: For Dummies
Book & CD-Rom
Published: May 2003
Usually ships in 24 hours
List Price:$44.99
Our Price: $31.49

david_ross 08-24-2003 04:20 PM

Personally I think the online ones are as good as any:

rvijay 08-24-2003 04:24 PM


Originally posted by david_ross
Personally I think the online ones are as good as any:

This is true. However, there is so much to read. Reading the entire manual online is going to take a lot of time. Besides, while install, I can't use them conveniently. So, I prefer to read RedHat on paper than online. Hence, I would really appreciate an answer to my original question. Thanks.


rvijay 08-24-2003 04:26 PM

Also, another question how many CDs are there in the boxed version of Red hat Linux 9 ? Thanks.


leonscape 08-24-2003 04:26 PM

rvijay, you've posted a lot, and seem to have a lot of enthusiam.

You've already found LQ, So your covered for most of your problems, The best way to learn all this is to do it.

No matter what you read before, Its better to be in the thick of it. Setup a box with Dual-Booting, and start.

I've never had a Manual or a Book, I loaded my first distro with nothing but the CD.

I haven't looked back, as a well known maker of sports footwear would say,

Just Do It.

You'll be surprised how easy it really is, and if anything goes wrong, you know where to find us :)

(We almost have him I can feel it in the force....)

rvijay 08-24-2003 04:33 PM

I admit you are correct. One reason why I am posting is that, I have a disk that is not partioned. Both Red Hat and Mandrake manuals warn say that this is an undesirable situation and I don't have a backup. Hence, I prefer to gather info. All the info. shared here is useful and appreciated.


Note: I wish to assure everyone that I am not posting just for the sake of posting. Every question that I ask is based on a logical progress of my understanding/learning.

Most of my posts at a site form a bell curve. I post a little, then a lot and finally once familiar with the subject, I post very little once in a while.

darthtux 08-24-2003 04:42 PM

All Red Hat manuals are available for download

The best book would probably be
Red Hat Linux 9 Unleashed

I also like the book Learning Red Hat Linux by Oreilly

MasterC 08-24-2003 04:50 PM

Take it to a print shop, print it out, bind it, put a cover on it, and bam! You've got a book ;) Possibly for a bit less than the cost of an actual book...

However, if you REALLY wanna buy a book:

Would be a great one to have.


snatale1 08-24-2003 05:05 PM

The manual that comes with RH sux!
I've bought the RH for dummies but it didn't help me to much
The Red Hat Linux Bible is GREAT it goes over EVERY inch of the OS in an understandable way, and also most of the software that it comes preloaded with, including tip n tricks gaming and anything else you may do. it costs $42.00 but well worth it prob because it comes with an updated copy of RH itself. Between the bible and this place your learning is unstoppable.

rvijay 08-24-2003 05:27 PM

Thanks, this is very good to know. Any further suggestions/related info. welcome.


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