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bigmark 06-15-2005 12:52 AM

Red Hat Linux 9 & Win 98
Want to install Red Hat Linux 9 on a win 98 platform.
Have 3 partitions namely C:(2.5 GB) D:(2.5 GB) and E:(5 GB)

Have win 98 installed on C:
Want to install Linux on D: without disturbing C: or E:
Can it be done simply by booting with Linux CD and tell it to install Linux on the second partition and it will make the swap, root etc. within that partition automatically.

Is it that simple or do I have to do something else.

Shall be thankfull if I can get a step by step installation guide.

Also, is the procedure same for WIN XP platform?

hardcorelinux 06-15-2005 12:56 AM

boot from your first linux cd during the installation time diskdruid(partition manager) will available, through that delete that D:/ and select the option to install linux in free space avilable, then it will automatically u can install linux .

mohit dhawan 06-15-2005 01:23 AM

yes it is same for xp too

bigmark 06-15-2005 02:42 AM

Thanks for the quick response.

Doing this way will the other two partitions C: and E: remain unaffected?

Secondly do I have to configure something for dual booting or will it be automatic?

hardcorelinux 06-15-2005 03:11 AM

do it no problems , first install windows 98 after that linux then linux bootloader will automatically configure windows also,ie: dual boot.

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