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ako 01-17-2004 01:21 AM

Red Hat always hangs up after power failure

I am using a CPU having Win98 and Red Hat 9 installed on it... lately while on a Linux session, power went out and after I tried opening it again... Linux always hang up... sometimes while browsing the Net, the browser just close by itself... I'm trying to figure out whats the cause, is it because of the power failure? or is it on the hardware, say memory or something? before the power faiure, I am also hanging up on Windows... please help...


scott_R 01-17-2004 02:12 AM

You may have a heating problem. Check your fan in back. Open the cover and make sure the CPU fan is spinning when the power's on. Also, see if there is a lot of dust. If so, get a can of compressed air and clean it out. If your computer over heats, it can do this.

Another problem might be your power supply. Some of them last forever, others go bad quickly, but most wear out after a few years if the computer is used a lot. When they do, they can cause all sorts of problems, from the computer shutting down, to memory errors and so on.

The main thing is, if it happens in both windows and Linux, then it's likely a hardware problem. There are other things that can cause this, a bad motherboard, faulty memory, a wire shorting against the case, and so on. More than likely, however, it's either a cooling problem or a power supply, and both are low-cost fixes.

If you're not using an uninterruptible power supply or at least a surge protector, this can happen as well, because the power coming from your electric company isn't very stable.

TigerOC 01-17-2004 02:35 AM

As mentioned by Scott_R I also concur on a hardware issue. It may well be a power supply issue. If a an electrical supply goes down it can often be immediately preceeded by a power surge. In some cases this surge can be big enough to cause serious damage to not only the power supply but can even go through the normal protection of the power supply and kill the motherboard. I saw such a case last year. Typical power supply issues result in crashes or freezes under high load when the max current is being drawn.
If you have "dirty" mains supply I would seriously suggest using a surge protector.
If the power outages are common I would also recommend using an ext3 file system which protect the integrity of the system.

ako 01-17-2004 08:50 PM

Thanx guys... I'll try your suggestions...


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