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d00gle 07-11-2003 05:27 PM

Red Hat 9 Mozilla and Java Plgins...

I've installed Red Hat 9 on x86 m/c. By Default, it installed Mozilla 1.2.1-26.

I want to upgrade to Mozilla 1.4 and install Java Plug-ins for that.

AS instructed byrelease notes from Mozilla website, I tried to un-install the "previous" version of Mozilla 1.2.1-26 by "rpm -e <mozilla-1.2.1-26-packages>.

However, I was able to un-install it only partially due to its linkage and dependencies to Galeon.

My questions:
1) How do I cleanly un-install Mozilla-1.2.1-26?

2) After, installing Mozilla 1.4, how do I install the JAVA plugins?

Any help will be appreciated.

BTW, RHL 9 also has its java packages..are they compatible enuf with Mozilla 1.4??


serz 07-11-2003 05:38 PM

"rpm -qa | grep mozilla" to see all the mozilla packages installed on your system.

As for the Java plugin this will help you:

angelrod 07-11-2003 05:43 PM

This post is about installing java plugin... it`s easy, you just have to install the plugin and then make a symbolic link to the plugin mozilla's folder.

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