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GT_Onizuka 08-22-2003 05:09 PM

Red Hat 9 Keeps Locking Up On Me
Okay I have a fresh install of RH9 on my computer (I was having boot-up problems, which members of the board helped me solve Thank you btw) and now I'm having some more problems. On my old install and on this new one I have a problem where Linux just locks up. On the old one it only seemed to do it if I had the desktop locked for like 30 minutes or so. But on this one it seems to be happening much more frequently. For example RHN keeps trying to update my system. I downloaded all the files through the RHN Manager thing and then my computer locked up. I can't move the mouse nor the keyboard and the Caps/Scroll lock lights, flash in unison (i thought this was really weird). I have tried to install all of the RH Updates but I haven't done so succesfully. It installed most of them and then locked up and this is really starting to get on my nerves. Any ideas :confused:

Mega Man X 08-22-2003 05:19 PM

Sounds like a network related issue. Which network card are you using?. I've myself a hell of problems with an Intel on-board one and got the same problem that you are having, the lights blinking are a sign of kernel panic. I simply bought a cheap one and disable that on-board one in the BIOS :)

GT_Onizuka 08-22-2003 05:28 PM

I'm using a Realtek RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ethernet NIC... could it possibly be that when installing it the default configuration for my network card was wrong? I figured if it didn't know what kinda card I had my internet wouldn't work, but my network/internet works fine. So would reconfiguring my network help? if so how would i got about doing this?

GT_Onizuka 08-22-2003 09:28 PM

hmmm... well i succefully updated my kernel via RHN and it hasn't locked up on me yet. either something was just wrong with the old kernel or it only seems to lock up when im not around :p

Mega Man X 08-23-2003 03:14 AM

Cool :) I hope it will stay working well like this my friend. If linux haven't crash yet, chances are that it will crash, well, never :) hehe

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