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Savage354 08-22-2003 09:10 PM

Red Hat 7.0 and WIN2K partitioning
Can someone tell me the best method to build a dual boot machine? Here's what I did:

I partitioned my 20 gig HD into 10 and 9 gigs respectively. I put WIN2k on my 10 gig partition. When I go to install Red Hat 7.0 it won't allow me to automatically partion my drive because "there is not sufficient disk space". This is what I see in Disk Druid under partitions:

Mount point device Requested Actual Type

<not set> hda1 10003M 10003M NTFS/HPFS
<not set> hda5 9073M 9073M Win95 FAT16

What gives?

From an X-treme newbie!

peace 08-22-2003 09:19 PM

It shows that you partitioned your drive to be NTFS and FAT16. Red Hat Linux cannot be installed onto either of these partitions.

You can set the 9073M partition to be Linux native. Use the tool on your RH cd called 'fdisk' (or 'cfdisk') and use that to make the FAT16 partition either free space (then disk-druid will partition it for you) or Linux native and Linux swap. I would recommend using 'fdisk' to delete the 9073M partition. Write the new partition table to the disk, and try to install RH7 again. Hopefully, it will detect the free space, automatically partition it for you, and you will be good to go.

Skyline 08-22-2003 09:25 PM

Linux distributions need their own Linux filesystems, they dont install on FAT16 for example.

Install Win2k first leaving some unpartitioned free space at the end of your drive for Red Hat to go on.

Install Red Hat 2nd into the free space - you dont need to set up partitions in advance for Red Hat - the installer contains the neccesary tools to create partitions and filesysytems for ReD hAT to go on.

For starters its easiest to let Red Hat install itself automatically into the free space - you'll want to choose the option "keep existing partitions and install into the free space" - ie if Win2k is on first your instructing the installer to keep the Win2k partitions and install Red Hat into the free space.

Install either LILO or GRUB to the MBR.

Make a boot disk if possible near the end of ther Red Hat install just in case of any problems

Savage354 08-23-2003 05:49 AM

Thanks fella's. I'll give it a shot

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