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ss59 05-04-2004 02:38 PM

recovering bad xfs filesystem?
about two days ago i noticed some errors when writing to one of the hard drives in my linux computer. the drive has an xfs partition, it is an IBM 75GXP.

xfs_check produces:

xfs_check: unexpected XFS SB magic number 0x58445340
xfs_check: cannot read root inode (990)
bad superblock magic number 58445340, giving up

xfs_repair gives up on the primary magic number and fails to find the secondary on the disk.

is there any way i can use xfsdump to back up this partition and then restore it to a good disk? mounting the drive fails.

my system is: Linux bobbydigital 2.6.5 #3 Fri Apr 30 00:52:49 MDT 2004 i686 GNU/Linux

running debian testing.


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