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hey_tonite! 04-12-2009 05:57 PM

recover evolution mail using live CD Fedora 10?
hello...can't recover Evolution mail w/Fedora10 LiveCD before reloading. Background: Loaded F10 fine (on laptop shelved for yr w/win install hangup) but had NM constantly drop wired connection (other computers fine), Linux SE often keeping FF fm connecting and Evolution throwing away email fm just 1 address in 1 of 2 pop accts. I started messing w/permission settings to keep open during tweaking suggestions found, tried to load Mozilla BU before setting new profile/wouldn't allow rights; then edited NM GDM per instruc., restarted (NM worked great then, but); "can't update ICE auth", "sys adm/vendor doesn't allow chg to evol config/can't overwr exist read-only value"; blank terminal, "failed connect sess mgr/no authen protocols supp'd"; "unable to retrieve (see body)(any) msgs", "cannot create folder lock evol mail", "enter pw def keyring to unlock" (didn't work); tried updating, add/rem SW - mistakenly removed IDE thinking was adding it, couldn't be sure got it back; help paths not responding, opera not opening now. evidently broke it so reloading F10 but sure wd apprec restoring week's worth of what email I received-can't find fm Live CD. Pls be specific F10 is so far 'Greek', I know not easiest but I changed for security. I'll catch on before long! Thx million.

maresmasb 04-12-2009 07:34 PM

The standard Fedora 10 installer has quite a few problems that can only be fixed by an system update - so I assume that the standard Live CD has the same problems.

If you do not want to install Fedora on the hard disk, then try a Knoppix Live CD, which has an excellent hardware support and a lot of software.

You can also try to run some other e-mail client on the Fedora 10 Live CD - maybe they work better under the given circumstances.

hey_tonite! 04-14-2009 02:14 AM

Damsel In Distress!!
thanks much for the quick reply, but my questions still remain: [1] how to find my evolution mail-I looked but not sure how to identify it; [2]how to back them up; and [3] how to see them again once I reload Fedora 10? Need step-by-step via Live CD, please! thanks so much ...

linuxlover.chaitanya 04-14-2009 03:03 AM

Your evolution mail should be in your users home folder. It should be hidden as .evolution. You can just copy it as it is and then once you reload Fedora and create the user and configure the evolution, copy the backed folder to the users home folder. If you want, you can change the evolution data directory as well.

hey_tonite! 04-14-2009 07:51 PM

can't find original hidden Evolution folder with Live Fedora CD
Thanks, Bill ... so what if I can't find original user's hidden .evolution folder using the Live Fedora 10 CD? There's no 'trick' to it? I am definitely supposed to be able to see it? Did a search on each folder displayed incl encrypted data, enabling search for hidden folders on each and it doesn't find anything with original user name from Fedora 10 install that's now broken, or anything with .evolution or evolution without the dot. The Knoppix trick didn't work for me on a windows desktop at all so I hesitate to go thru that again; nothing but circles, getting I/O errors, terminal wouldn't allow password so couldn't use Kb3, wouldn't copy to external usbHD, too big for floppy, old Knoppix too old for my web mail clients to display, newer Knoppix didn't show drives at all & never could find instructions, reburned many times fm different mirrors incl a torrent onto CDs (Dell D600 DVD has never recognized DVDs, so couldn't try that-tried four different DVD burning programs incl Nero), old Knoppix only allowed setup for dialup mail (I hv broadbd)...just a huge waste of time for a week+, so I'm hoping you can talk me thru some other way & won't say 'use Knoppix'. Thanks so much for trying to help me, so much appreciated!

linuxlover.chaitanya 04-15-2009 01:08 AM

If you do not want to use Knoppix you can use any other live distribution that you like. even Ubuntu can do it for you. But you should have .evolution folder in the home directory for the user. Though I havent used evolution for long and prefer thunderbird over it but I still have that hidden folder. You should have it. Look for some other live distribution and then try. You may be lucky with something else.

hey_tonite! 04-15-2009 03:53 AM

you 'guys' are the best
I agree, been using t-bird for years, but lost inbox 2-3 times; started keeping inbox clean and do know how to get it back but feel that's a pain so thought surely there's a more reliable email program(?) also really miss being able to print my calendar and contacts in booklet form as Outlook did...but not worth the inherent insecurity. I'm going to try one more Live CD, then move on. I think maybe my evolution folder is just 'gone'; can't find the couple docs I had either but have printouts. anyway, really appreciate you all being there and sharing your knowledge.

linuxlover.chaitanya 04-15-2009 05:02 AM

Are you sure you did not change the default inbox folder in the evolution configuration? If that is the case then you will have to look out for it somewhere else or better search for it in the entire /

hey_tonite! 04-22-2009 05:33 AM

knoppix got t-bird backup off win desktop but still stuck getting evolution
sorry no reply 'till now; much appreciated your help. struggled for a while to get effective Knoppix version (5.1.1 worked) on cd, good iso burn utility (imgburn) which found firmware update windows missed, new cd's and a usb pocket drive got me moving. this got t-bird backup off win desktop easy but still can't get the evolution folder off the fedora install that I 'broke'. I tried an Ubuntu live cd but everything looked the same as in Fedora and I couldn't figure out what was what. got so fed up with it had to do something else for a while.

to answer your question, no, I hadn't moved the folder or anything.

same knoppix cd "can't mount hda2" on the laptop with broken fedora install; and "can't determine file system type/none was specified".

just in case you or anyone still wants a 'brainteaser'(!)

damn, this Knoppix live CD is SLOW!! every click is delayed. Ugh-h-h!

linuxlover.chaitanya 04-22-2009 05:38 AM

For your mount error you can specify the file system type explicitly by mount -t ext3/whatever. Now I do not use knoppix so I do not know why is it slow.

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