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athenerx 08-04-2001 10:09 AM

I was download realplayer basic rp8_linux20_libc6_i386_cs2_rpm
the computer says, the package is already installed, but I don't see it in the program menu.
so what should I do to force the it install.
or to view it in the program menu

vance 08-12-2001 07:11 PM

if your system is anything like mine from mandrake, there is a load of software installed on your system that is not in the menu!

first try and find the installed package by trying variations like this:

locate real*
locate rp*

or look into your /usr/bin directory and scroll down to the r's and see if there is anything there that looks like it might start up the real player.

anything in this directory can be typed into the console to be started. Actually getting it into the menu depends on whether you are using kde or gnome or something else.

if all that fails, you can issue the rpm command with a -f for force or it might be --force. you can find out by typing "man rpm" in a console window and reading about the options. anyway, the force option makes it install even if it already is.

good luck.

elconde 09-11-2001 12:35 AM

Mine is in /usr/X11R6/bin/realplay.

That usually isn't in the default $PATH variable. You can make it default by either editing your .login file or the /etc/csh.login file.

Put this into either one of those files:

if ($?PATH) then
setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/X11R6/bin"
setenv PATH "/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin"

I hope that helps.


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