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ringo_fjb 08-15-2003 09:35 AM

Really New and Need Help
I have a friend who had a guy work on his computer. He runs a Point of sale system on the computer that was deisgned to run in DOS 6.22 so whoever set up the computer used blue linux that boots to a login screen and then you type dosemu to load the dos shell and P.O.S Program.

Problem is the dot matrix printer will not work It works on his old DOS machine so it is not the printer.

Do you have to configure the printer in Linux first before it will be able to print??

How do you load the gui in linux

david_ross 08-15-2003 02:13 PM

There is info about how to setup a printer in dosemu here:

To start the gui try:

That is if it is installed.

rahulsundaram 08-16-2003 03:40 PM


check which runlevel you are running in by typing

runlevel in the command line.

if its 3 in it should be 5

/etc/inittab has a line that says 3 change it to 5 and your system will always boot into a gui.

otherwise type startx from the command line

consult the dosemu docs from

printing from linux is done thru lpd from the comand line


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