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eternalYouth 09-07-2006 07:43 AM

Really Annoying Transparency Issue In Konsole
i want to make konsole on my ibook g4 completely transparent but im having a hard time. ive selected 'no border' in the advanced options, ive hid the tab bar, title bar and even unchecked the 'frame' checkbox... yet im left with... well ill just show you.

this is a screenshot of the problem im having. (i cant link yet because i dont have 3 posts as of this message)

as you can see, theres an almost embossing effect. i have absolutely no clue how to get rid of it and its driving me nuts. ive written it off as a bug, but thought id run it by you guys to see if there are any suggestions. i unchecked 'enable GUI effects' under Style > Effects and that didnt seem to help. ive also tried changing window decorations so im guessing its not that either..

w3bd3vil 09-07-2006 09:06 AM

you want transparency you say and thats what the screenshot shows.
what exactly are you looking for?

eternalYouth 09-07-2006 09:25 AM not have the embossing or shadow effect. you dont see it?

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