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can564 05-19-2004 01:14 PM

Real player for mozilla only plays in root
As root I have downloaded and installed Real Player 9.In Mozilla helper programs I have real player set to shows Real Player files.Everything works fine in root but when I switch to a non-root user I get a error that the real player file needs to be associated differently.The same clip plays fine in Mozzilla as root.I have check my file preferences and Mozilla helper programs in root and non-root users.They all match.Real player installed in root home.Can Mozilla not us it if I am logged as a non-root user.

nukkel 05-19-2004 01:51 PM


Real player installed in root home.
/root is normally only accessible to root. Try installing Real Player somewhere where all users have read permission (e.g. /usr/local )


can564 05-20-2004 03:12 PM

I tried downloading the install binary into /usr/local/ and Fedora would not allow me to.So I downloaded to my home login.Then in a terminal did chmod then ./ .It would not let me preform that so I went su and then chmod and ./.It installed again I don't know where but it is not in my logins home.I assume it re-installed right where it already was in my root/home.What gives with that!

can564 05-21-2004 05:37 AM

I don't know if this is a permission problem with the file type or the RealPlayer program.Logged in as a user this is the error.

filename.ram could not be saved,becuase you cannot change the contents of that folder.Change the folder properties and try again.

When I installed RealPlayer this was the command line I was told to type.

chmod u+x r1p1_linux22_libc6_i386_a1.bin

Does the u+x limit the program to working only in my root?
Can I force this to install somewhere else?
How can I track where this gets installed?

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