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Andy.M 01-23-2002 10:48 PM

Re: modprobe: Note: /etc/modules.conf is more recent than lib/modules/2.4.9/modules.d
I just finished a fresh install of Redhat 7.1 (Full install). I need to upgrade my kernel to 2.4.9. I followed many howto's which shows me the following steps:

1) copy .config into the new kernel (2.4.9)
2) run make oldconfig
3) then ran make menuconfig
4) then saved it
5) then ran:
make dep; make clean ; make bzImage ; make modules

6) then make a backup of /lib/modules/2.4.2-2 to another name so it doesnt get clobbered.

7) then i make modules_install
8) copy bzImage from the souce boot dir over to the original /boot and made the vmlinuz file then a link to it.

It all goes through with no errors. I do the lilo relink and boot into my new kernel but get many errors upon boot up such as:

- modprobe: Note: /etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.4.9/modules.dep
- Then get ipup: Delaying eth0 initilization

and also get the same for eth1. If I boot back into my oringinal kernel everything is fine.

What steps have i missed and if there are any great articles that come to mind on exactly what causes this please let me know.

Thank you

Andy M.

R4z0r 01-24-2002 02:31 AM

I'm not really an expert but it soundsl like you'r NIC's didn't get configured properly when you recompliled. What NIC's are you actually using?


isajera 01-24-2002 02:40 AM

if it's just a problem with the modules.conf, then all you need to do is run

depmod -ae

and that will take care of that error message.

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