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Xiphoid 07-30-2002 07:54 PM

Radeon 7500 And Mandrake 8.2
Hey guys,
Loving linux so far but im like || that close to dumping it. Through numerous searches and this and that I discovered I need this DRI thing to get hardware acceleration to work. So I gets DRI and runs the script: ./ I reboot after the install, cant get into X. I dont remember the error message. Great, I says. So I figured that maybe if i installed again it might luck. I remember something about a version mismatch at somepoint and another error. So I figured I would try to "restore" or otherwise uninstall dri so i could get back to X. ./ restore ... quite the restoration....apparently it deleted its files and did not restore the old X files. Great...Ive majorly screwed up my linux and I have pretty much no idea what im doing. Two i need to reformat? I figure reinstalling X will do it but i might as well reformat and do it. Number in blazes do i get my Radeon 7500 DDR 64mb card to work with 3D acceleration in linux? Ive searched these forums but nothing makes much sense nor does DRIs site....Your help is VERY GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you,

Thymox 07-30-2002 08:06 PM

Welcome to LQ.

"Do I need to reformat?" - that's a very Windows-esque remark. There are only a few occasions when a complete format and reinstall is needed, although I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be easier (especially if you've not got any important data, or you have it backed up nicely) than fixing the problem yourself.

If you have your graphics card and monitor manuals ready, or you have access to the information that would normally be held within them, then you should be able to simply reconfigure X. Do this without any reference to DRI... just get X working for starters. Once you're happy that X is working without any acceleration, then BACKUP YOUR X CONFIG FILE, that is likelt to be the file /etc/X11/CF86Config-4 if you're running a fairly new distro. If all goes wrong, then suimply restoring this file from the backup should get you your X back. On to DRI... what docs are you reading? When you actually install DRI, do you get any error messages, or is it only when you try and reconfigure your X after installing DRI?

On the other hand, if you don't have any important data, and you're not happy to dive in deep, then you could go for a clean install... it should only take about 30mins depending on circumstances.

Oh, and what distro are you using, BTW, you haven't filled in your info yet?

Xiphoid 07-30-2002 08:18 PM

hehehe, I'm dual booting with WIN2K, you picked it up pretty quick :D I'm usin Mandrake 8.2 , the errors arise after i intall DRI. the install goes ok but when i reboot i cant get into X. I cant remember the error :( it was late. Do I run drakex to reconfig? I was reading all this on the DRI site. Actually it says on the Xfree86 site that radeon 3d acceleration is supported in 4.2 (Comes with mandrake 8.2) using the ati driver...I'm using the radeon driver. Any ideas? Sorry......getting ahead of myself .... help me get X back up hehehe. I gotta work tomorrow so id better get some sleep. Thanks for your help,

after further reading i guess xfree86 does not support the ati radeon 7500 card in 3d acellerated mode (lol whatever u want to call it) it only supports older radeon chips up to and including the VE series.

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