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cirkut5732 04-21-2003 01:15 AM

Quick slack 9.0 question
hi everyone.
easy question here.. trying to download a nvidia driver for my g-force 4 mx420 graphics card and it shows 4 different unix versions
my question is wich one relates to slack 9.0
Linux IA32
Linux AMD64
Free BSD

and do i even need a driver, or is "xfree86setup" enough to play windows games with wine?? like open gl, directx etc.....

jdc2048 04-21-2003 01:58 AM

I posted in your other post about making sure you have this.

Yes you need this driver to take advantage of your video card.

Most likely you need the "LinuxIA32" version. That is for standard Intel 32-bit processors (and AMD clones). The *64 ones are for 64-bit processors, which are pretty rare. You would know if you had one and you would be bragging about it.

cirkut5732 04-21-2003 08:07 PM

ya, i went to school for PC technician, and i only have standard 32bit, and yes i would be bragging if i had the 64!!! sorry for posting twice also!!!

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