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true_atlantis 12-21-2003 07:51 PM

questions that have been building up...
just got a bunch of questions so i will just list them...

i just installed the NVIDIA driver, and it seems to have made no difference in anything. what is the point in installing it? i can see and feel the difference when you install video drivers in windows, but in slack, i dont see anything except a NVIDIA logo pop up each time i startx.

i just moved from mandrake to slack and it seems that in slackware all the fonts are really weak, is that just because slack doesnt come wiht many fonts?

i have a generic/house brand monitor, and its not listed in the list of monitors in the KDE control center under display, but i am sure that my monitor can handle more than 1024x786 resolution. should i just pick a random monitor that is listed there?

i have a geforce 4 ti4600 graphics card, and it doesnt seem like its being used to its fullest extent. many things go very slow that shouldnt when it come to grapics.


true_atlantis 12-21-2003 07:52 PM

one more question i forgot. in mandrake 9.1 the vi editor seemed a lot more intracate with colors, and just all together much more handy. why in slackware is it not like that? different version??

true_atlantis 12-21-2003 08:00 PM

im just going to keep adding my questions as i think of them... slackware can install .tgz files, but how?

true_atlantis 12-21-2003 08:09 PM

if i have only 1 primary user for the computer, and i dont watn to have to keep going into super user to install stuff to the /usr directory, what should i change about that user?

slakmagik 12-21-2003 08:14 PM

Slack's vi is elvis - you can change your $EDITOR to vim (or whatever) and do up the vimrc, I guess.

Installpkg installs tgz files.

Not sure about the KDE/geforce stuff. Don't pick a random monitor, though. But I don't notice much difference with my nVidia drivers, either. I could enable some option or another (that I've already forgotten) in X without getting errors, though. So I guess that's something. glxgears still sucks though - good thing I'm not a gamer.

For fonts, I dunno - fonts are a devil-spawned mystery to me. You can make sure you enable antialiasing wherever and whenever possible and maybe copy in some Windows fonts if you've got them - I just basically get used to it. Stare at ugly *nix fonts long enough and, eventually, good fonts start to look funny. ;)

slakmagik 12-21-2003 08:17 PM


Originally posted by true_atlantis
if i have only 1 primary user for the computer, and i dont watn to have to keep going into super user to install stuff to the /usr directory, what should i change about that user?
Y'know, you can just edit your original post.

I wouldn't change anything - just su. AFAIK, you'd have to change the permissions on directory to give that user write permission. Better, maybe, would be to just install stuff to your home directory in many cases.

-- How ironic. I suppose I could have edited my own first post. :o

true_atlantis 12-21-2003 08:33 PM

i never really saw that edit button down there... but how do i change my $EDITOR??? and in mandrake there was a ~/.basrc file that i coudl make aliases, but in slack there isnt, what file can i make alias in??

slakmagik 12-21-2003 08:36 PM

You can create the ~/.bashrc. Only thing Slack puts in there is ~/.screenrc, I think. Same thing -
export EDITOR="my_editor"
in /.bashrc. I mean, that isn't entirely necessary - just call up whatever editor you want when you want it. But some programs look to that variable.

Kovacs 12-22-2003 07:36 AM

To make your vi look pretty and act nicely, like in Mandrake:

As root, use these commands to remove the old symlink from vi to elvis, and make one from vi to vim:
# rm /usr/bin/vi
# ln -s /usr/bin/vim /usr/bin/vi

Make a file called .vimrc in your home directory (notice the period) with these contents in order to make vim work nicely:

set number
set backspace=indent,eol,start
syntax enable

I'd suggest putting the same .vimrc in your root directory, so when you su to edit config files your vim will be all purty. :)

true_atlantis 12-22-2003 04:03 PM

what other options can i put in the .vimrc??

when i try to put alias' in ~/.screenrc they dont work...

someone said that to install a .tgz you use installpkg.... i dont have that command

Kovacs 12-22-2003 06:23 PM

installpkg has to be run as root.

You can probably find more options for .vimrc at

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