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jr950 02-01-2012 09:04 PM

qsub -hold_jid job dependency - what happens if job doesn't finish
I've just begun using job dependencies, with qsub -hold_jid, passing in the job id of a task that must finish in advance of the current job.

I am wondering whether the job associated with the jobid I pass in must finish properly before the job in hqw status will get scheduled. The man page says, "If any of the referenced jobs exits with exit code 100, the submitted job will remain ineligible for execution."

How would I look up what exit code 100 indicates?

I basically want to know what happens if the independent job runs out of time without completing its task (if I hadn't allocated enough time for it to complete). Technically, it will no longer be running, and I am trying to figure out whether the -hold_jid option can differentiate between this case, and the job having exited properly. I don't want to run my dependent job on partially-analyzed data.

Did that make sense?


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