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tank junior 07-06-2010 02:36 PM

python package deployment tool

I am writing a python package deployment tool for linux based
platforms. I have tried various existing
tool sets but none of them is up to the mark and they have their own
issues. Initially I'll start with simple approach.

1. Find all the modules/packages and copy to "lib" directory.
2. Find python's *.so dependencies(system libs) and copy them to
3. Copy python(executable) and into "dist"
4. Set up temp environment
5. Run main script using "python <main script>.py"

The idea is to produce a cleaner directory structure. Neither I am
creating a boot loader nor I am converting main script
file into executable. It's plain vanilla stuff.

Using above steps I have pulled down a package using wxPython's demo
example "". You can download the archive from here:
(Note : It's for linux users)

After extracting the contents, run the executable file using "./run".
This file sets temporary environment variables and execute

This is eventually not working. I think I am not able to set up
temporary environment properly or may be missing some other
stuff. I would appreciate if some one can point out mistakes.



teebones 07-06-2010 02:57 PM

eeehm... maybe i understood you wrongly, but:

there are already "ready to distribute" builders available. (which contains everything needed to run the app, incl python libs)

and there is also byte compile build into python. Since most, if not all, linux distributions have python installed, it's a matter of distributing the .pyc files.

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