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riluve 03-22-2005 10:34 AM

Python eating my memory
I have two systems set up basically identically with RHE v3.

I happen to look at resources and I notice one has used up nearly 1G of memory while the other is basicaly holding the same load using only 200M.

So i find the culprit - a process named Python has been involked twice, one instance is using 700M and another is using 50M. On the twin system, there is no Python process running.

So, I shut down the system and restart - bamm Python comes right back up at a little less than 20M.

Its running under root.

Is this a shared library for Python? How could it get so freaking big whatever it is?

Any ideas?

enemorales 03-22-2005 10:59 AM

Python is a programming/scripting language. I think it shouldn't be running all the time, unless you have a script that is doing something periodically... I know Gentoo uses python a lot, but I don't think it uses it for daemons.

Have you tried to stop the process instead of rebooting? If you have the process id (which you can get by using "ps"), you can use "kill <PID>" to stop it.

If you have KDE you can also try to run "ksysv" and check which services are running by default in the system. You could compare with the other computer...

Well. I'm not an expert, but maybe these things could help you.

Good luck!

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