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mindfestival 05-31-2004 02:52 AM

Python compilation error, "module search path"etc..
I have just attempted to install nicotine on my redhat9 machine. I have read the readme's, and am compiling the program using python. I compiled as root with no problems except for this last 'warning'.
warning: install: modules installed to '/home/mindfestival/nicotine//lib/python2.2/sit
e-packages/', which is not in Python's module search path (sys.path) -- you'll h
ave to change the search path yourself


Now, knowing this file as a warning and not an actual compilation error, i dissmissed it.
I then test nicotine from the source tree.


$ python ./nicotine
Nicotine supports "psyco", an inline optimizer for python
code, you can get it at
Can not find Nicotine modules.
Perhaps they're installed in a directory which is not
in an interpreter's module search path.
(there could be a version mismatch between
what version of python was used to build the PySoulSeek
binary package and what you try to run PySoulSeek with.)

Is this something that must be configured for python, or for nicotine? The only file given for alteration was Pythons's module search sys.path. If this is the case then where can i locate this file, and find out my module search path, to point it to the nicotine install directory?

Thanks for giving up some time, believe me, its appreciated.


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