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JohanB 11-24-2011 07:44 AM

Python 2.7 on EC2
Hi everybody.
I have been tasked to set up an instance of Amazon's EC2 servers. Specifically, we're using the smallest Amazon Linux AMI.

After plenty time on Google, I have the machine set up more or less correctly (I think). My greatest frustration came in the form of installing Python 2.7. I installed gcc and make, and was able to install without a hickup. The guide I was (more or less) following (here) suggested I use
echo "/opt/python.2.7/lib" >> /etc/
This did not work due to me not having the right permissions, even though I also prepended the command with sudo.
In desperation, I touched the file, chmod'ed it so that I could do with it what I wanted to, and then changed it back to what it was before.

Was the chmod hack the right way to go? Will there be dire consequences in the future? ;-)
Please bear in mind that I am only very superficially familiar with Linux, and was mostly following guides.

Thanks in advance!

ukiuki 11-25-2011 01:03 AM

If you post some of the outputs from the commands you issued helps to understand what is going on.


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