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Tione 04-01-2011 03:39 PM

pyppy 520-lucid I have only 4 problem
I downloaded and installed version 520-lucid, I must say it works really well but I have only some of the problems:

1) Amule receives low ID, I have successfully opened TCP ports 4662 and 4672 udb, disabled the firewall, but nothing the same.
It is possible that puppy close those doors in software? Need a commad line to open?

2) PawdioConverter installs correctly but will not let me select the mp3 file to convert . has it need credentials to the next level?

3) Should I download files via ra Protocol rtsp: / / Is it possible that there is a program to download the audio file? In ubuntu there is sKaricator download program , there is the same in puppy?

4) The time system is not updated I have to give the following command date-s "mm / dd / yyyy hh: mm: ss"every time when I turn on the PC, there is no pacth?

thanks to those who can help me

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