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mcnachotaco 06-27-2009 07:22 AM

PuppyLinux: I forgot my save file password, and can't reboot the livecd to install
I wanted to put puppy linux on my old machine so i could use it again instead of trying to use win98, but it was 3am, everything was dark, my monitor barely worked i could hardly see anything and accidentally logged off puppy linux before i had a chance to install it to my harddrive, when i logged off it asked me if i wanted to make a save file and i didn't know what to select so i hit yes when i should have hit no, and i selected light encryption so it was taking a long time to save so before it finished i turned off my machine, and now when it asks me to login, i type the password i put (i'm pretty sure it's the right one) but it says something like unable to mount, so i went back to the place were i could use boot options and tried both "puppy pfix=clean, and puppy pfix=purge" but they both wanted me password for my save file, so now i want to get to the puppy desktop so i can install puppy linux but i can't get past my save file password which i'm pretty sure is glitched.

Also, if this is the wrong section I'm very sorry i wasn't sure if i should post this here on in the distributions section.

pierre2 06-27-2009 08:10 AM

erase the file(s) that puppy placed on your hdd, - use the mount <drive> icon.
you will lose anything that was placed inside that ext3 file - & start again.

next time - when prompted for a 1st time save, use no encryption & no pwd unless it's really necessary to do so. -> if you are the only user to use the puppy live cd, then there should be no reasons at all.

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