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Leseguenni 01-05-2010 09:38 AM

Pulling in cronjobs with thunderbird, using postfix and dovecot
Yesterday I installed Ubuntu karmic on my laptop. Before I had jaunty installed. I had managed to pull in the results of different cronjobs into thunderbird using postfix as an mta, and dovecot, so thunderbird could get the local mail from a "normal" pop3 account.
I tried to set that up again, but it doesn't work. So I have some questions.
1.: Is there something else you have to do for a cronjob to work other to write it into the crontab file?
2.: Before I set postfix/dovecot up, I got an error message from thunderbird, that it couldn't connect to the local account. There is no error message any more, so I guess the account works once again.
3.: Before the mails were stored in a mbox file: /var/spool/mail/"myusername". When I looked in the directory /var/spool/mail no such file existed. I don't know if that's the problem, or if the file just doesn't exist because there wasn't any mail yet.
I hardly changed anything in the configurations files, except for giving the mailbox-location path in the dovecot-postfix.conf, and discommenting? the my_origins = /etc/mailname line in the postfix/
When I set it up for the first time about two months ago, I did a lot of things including installing, emoving and reinstalling different programs, until I finally got the results I wanted. But I can't remember anything else that might be necessary now.
I hope the post makes any sense.
regards, Guenni

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