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felix jay 11-25-2006 07:46 PM

Programs going missing

I use Mepis and have got everything up & running over the last 2 days or so just how I want it. Then via synaptic I tried to download Gimp & BitTornado. It informed me both had been downloaded & installed successfully. But I can't find them anywhere! I've tried file finder and looking in K menu but to no avail!

Can anyone tell me where they've gone?! Any advice greatly appreciated.


bhert 11-25-2006 08:46 PM


find / -iname Gimp 2>/dev/null
do the same with BitTornado

The -iname will find files whether it is upper or lower case

The 2>/dev/null will not display the files that don't match, only Gimp files will show on screen

Next time you download something, watch the download manager and you will see the location it will download to and you can change it so the files will where you want it to.

Have Fun!


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