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pablowablo 04-26-2004 10:09 AM

programming environment?
Hello, I installed linux for programming purposes...

Just wondering what you guys use in programming, both C++ and java....


ElvenAssassin 04-26-2004 02:05 PM

Hehe, I just use pico as a text editor.

I heard Vi is really good, but difficult to use, so I've never used it.

I feel entirely stupid, it's been awhile since I programmed a Linux/Unix environment, so you'll have to learn how to use the gcc command and such to compile. I can't recall any more than that though, I'm sorry.

beejayzed 04-26-2004 04:49 PM

I use kate.

veritas 04-26-2004 05:49 PM

Programming in X windows, kate or gedit.

Programming out of X, pico.

Why pico instead of vi? Even though vi has a few more features than pico, I prefer the simplicity of pico. I can just type pico filename, start typing, and ctrl + o, and im done. Vi takes a bit longer to get started and to save, not too much longer, but sometimes it becomes a hassle for me.

Mega Man X 04-26-2004 05:58 PM

For Java I use Netbeans...

LavaDevil94 04-26-2004 05:59 PM

emacs. in X and out, emacs. emacs, emacs, emacs :D. i might use kwrite sometimes, though.

veritas 04-26-2004 06:03 PM


Originally posted by Megaman X
For Java I use Netbeans...
If only they made JCreator for linux.. thats my all time favorite java IDE.

Mega Man X 04-26-2004 06:09 PM


Originally posted by veritas
If only they made JCreator for linux.. thats my all time favorite java IDE.
Cool :) I never used that one though, but I heard a lot about that :). The screenshots looks neat and like a very light weight IDE. Netbeans is too heavy, even on my 2GHZ :(. JBuilder looks tasty too :p.

I love Java :D

veritas 04-26-2004 06:15 PM

JCreator is very light weight. That is the main reason I use it over netbeans. I'm running @ 900 mhz here, so netbeans is very sluggish on my computer. Looks like it has lots of features, but I never took the time to mess around with it because of the slowness.

You should definitely try out JCreator. The free version is basically the same as the Pro version, except you do not get tech support and you can't try out the latest version until a few days after its released.

Mega Man X 04-26-2004 06:22 PM

I've just downloaded and installed, thanks veritas :). So far it's very very nice and fast, with nice new projects to start, as java applets ;). I wish more Java IDE would be written in C/C++ like JCreator, but most of them are done in Java and unfortunately, Java with heavy applications is very sluggish :(. Anyway, you could give Dr Java a shot. It's also written in Java, but works very nice under Linux and looks a bit then JCreator (and about the same size download if I am not mistaken ;)). I used DrJava before Netbeans ;)

veritas 04-26-2004 06:45 PM

Hey thanks for the link to DrJava. I have never even heard of the program. That actually runs very smoothly considering its written in Java. Now I have an easy java IDE to work with on linux. No more switching over to windows for computer science homework.

Mega Man X 04-26-2004 07:23 PM

Cool! :) My pleasure ;). When I read Java at school we used TextPad and it's pretty nice, allowing you to compile both Java and Applets and Test-Run them. It's a windows application and runs greatly with Wine, and I usually don't have luck with wine :D. Worthy to take a look at least :)

hw-tph 04-27-2004 11:34 AM

vim/gvim/kvim is incredibly powerful and provides excellent programming-specific features, and the scripts and tips-n-tricks at the website are very useful too (using javac or ant inside vim and stepping through error locations, for example).


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