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Neej Suab 11-20-2007 08:41 PM

Problems with WICD in XUbuntu
Ok, so i actually have two problems with wicd. Not major ones so if they are not solved no big deal. but here they are. First is when I boot my laptop everything is ready to go fairly fast. I can open any program i want. Except Wicd. It takes my computer two to five minuets before i can open wicd. I haven't actually timed it because most of the time i turn on my laptop and do something else for a while till it works. I don't have it set to auto start. it just takes that long untill i can click on the icon to make it run. It is very irritating. I saw some other posts about this but they didn't have a solution except for check if any autoconnect is enabled which none are.
The other problem is that when i connect at home before i connect to my wep encrypted network i must run sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "wiglaf" enc "xxxxxmywepkeyxxxxxx". or wicd will hang on obtaining ip address. I would like to fix these problems. Thanks for your help.

Distro Xubuntu 7.10
Wicd version 1.3.4
xfce version 4.4.1

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