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dimbas 07-11-2009 06:40 AM

Problems with resolution on ASUS X51L on Lenny

My ASUS X51L laptop has an Intel GMA 3100 GFX video card, 15,4'' WXGA widescreen with 1280x800 resolution.
So, ive installed Debian Lenny on it and discovered that the resolution isnt normal. See:
When i installed Ububntu on the same laptop the picture was the same. Then i looked on Display settings and saw two screens there: first 1280x800 and second 1024x768. I disabled the 2nd one and the problen was solved.
That Ubuntu had Gnome 2.26 and Display Settings window was like this:
But Lenny has Gnome 2.22.2 so it has older Display Settings manager. The largest resolution available is 1024x768.U can see on the screenshot that the panels exactly fit this resolution.

The xorg.conf is blank. I tried

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
but nothing happened.

What should i do?

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