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jarkor 07-10-2003 10:49 PM

problems with mouse in Mandrake 9.1, modprobe: can't locate module serial
First sorry for my English, I speak Spanish.

I got a problem using mandrake 9.1 (I think the problem comes
in the installation process)
I don't know what exactly happens but is really strange.

I installed it 3 times, while installing/configuring the mouse works perfect (std wheel mouse) and then when finish installation and restart and enter KDE (before login too) the mouse doesn't works. When I run harddrake2 manually (link in KDE menu doesn't works too, redirects to logdrake!! [??]) then it launchs mousedrake and says "modprobe: can't locate module serial".
Then I enter mousedrake, select the mouse, ok, but when I exit same modprobe error and nothing changes.
Seems symbolic links are OK, I mean /dev/mouse points to psaux and psaux points to /misc/psaux
Anyway when I enter mousedrake it shows standard serial mouse on ttyS0 (where is this config stored??)

The strange thing is, when I installed for first time, same problem, the second time the mouse works ok but the system runs really slow (awful), I installed some fonts, and then like 10 minutes to load kde, and then 10 minutes more to finish loading kde.....
And for ex. to load a console waiting 5 minutes..... I can't explain myself why.

Then I reinstall for 3rd time, runs fast, everything ok now but the mouse doesn't works, and the network goes up (3c509 isa) configured ok aparently but I can't connect to local network. (Even ping doesn't responds).

Any help really appreciated.
thanks in advance


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